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Food Policy 

• The majority of our novelty cakes feed 35. We do not offer exact dimensions as each cake is hand crafted in freehand. Our cakes are of a generous size we don't get complaints about cakes being too small.
• We can make novelty cakes 50% bigger at 50% extra charge. This will feed up to 70 people.
• We do not make smaller size novelty cakes.
• All cakes are made of vanilla sponge with jam and butter cream unless stated otherwise. Chocolate novelty cakes are 5% extra and fruitcake is 20%
• We do not currently make gluten or dairy free cakes.
• Sponge and chocolate cakes do not have nuts as an ingredient but their may be nut traces present. Our fruitcake does contain nuts and alcohol.
• Our cakes are made with vegetable fats and contain dairy products.



  • Customers are advised that some of the cakes and flour confectionery may contain gluten, milk, gelatin, colours, flavouring and may have traces of nuts.
  • Parents who have children with food allergies are responsible for instructing them to avoid eating foods that may provoke allergic reactions.
  • Although our bakery is not a nut-free zone,